mananath (mananath) wrote,

not as I planned

My arrival was not really as I expected it to be. Rather it was all uneventful -- there were no lines for immigration, the flight was short, the airport was tame. From what I had read I expected walking out of the secure area of the Delhi airport to be akin to jumping into a maelstrom. I saw hoards of taxidrivers, with rupee signs in their eyes extending claw like hands, ready to fleece the latest foreigners fresh off the plane. But there was none of that.

Instead I just found the guy from my hotel, with my name on a sign and he walked me to his car. 45 minutes later I was checking in and hurrying off to bed, fearful of what my body was starting to tell me.

I have been sick off an on since leaving the ice about a week ago. I had a fever for the two days I was in Sydney but it cleared when I got to Bangkok. About midway through my stay in BKK though I had some ice in my soda at a KFC (foolish, I know) and it was all down hill from there.

I arrived in Delhi already with a case of Delhi belly! And so I have spent the past 3 days in bed, battling a fever that ranged from minor to rather high while spending some quality time in the bathroom (conveniently only 4 ft from my bed).

I am better now, I think. Or at least I am getting better. My fever has subsided, my stomach is starting to settle but this extra time in Delhi has caused some problems with my initial itinerary. I have had to postpone visiting the Taj Mahal for a month which is sad. On the day I was supposed to be watching the sunrise at the TM I was lying in bed watching The Majestic on TV. A good movie but no TM.

My encounters with "india" have been so limited so far, I have walked along 2 roads and one alley. I have eaten exclusively at one restaurant, shopped at two convenience stalls so I hate to make generalizations but... I like it so far. I love the smells, the incense mixing with burning trash, the stray dogs lounging in the street, the outrageous displays of color and shades on the people, watching minor traffic jams develop on streets too narrow when a bicycle rickshaw stops to unload his passengers, oblivious to what is behind him (though I could do with out the cacophony of horns).

So.... not how I planned my first week to be. But, it is what it is. Tomorrow I am off to Jaipur for 2 nights.
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