mananath (mananath) wrote,

Devil's Pool

I don't know what I am going to do with this blog. I haven't been active in awhile and, worse yet, I really haven't felt compelled to write. My last login was about 2 months ago before I started traveling. Maybe I will take it up again when I get back to Antarctica in 3 weeks.

But... I spent the past 2 months in Africa. It was an amazing time. I saw and experienced some amazing stuff. If I start blogging again I will share some of it but until then, I will give you a video I made of my visit to Devil's Pool at the top of Victoria Falls.

Devil's Pool is a small pool at the upper edge of Victoria Falls, on the Zambia side. Thanks to a hidden rock wall you are able to get in the water and swim to the edge before peering over. Think of it as a national infinity pool. It was a pretty awesome experience. Terrifying, yes. But amazing.

Enjoy (before youtube pulls the video for copyright infringement)!

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