mananath (mananath) wrote,

Operation Bacon

We have seen our share of hardships and obstacles this season. From the earthquake in Christchurch, the Norwegian sailboat sinking (and the subsequent rescue of two people on land), our road sinking into the water we have had some challenges to work through. None however compare to the challenge and crisis that developed over the past two weeks.

We ran out of bacon.

I rarely eat bacon, and never eat it down here, so I didn't even know it was an issue until I started hearing grumblings of it in the galley, not so hushed voices in the hallway or violent fistfights breaking out over the status of the bacon. OK, that last bit is a lie.

But we are Americans and we love our bacon. It's practically apple pie.... only better. When our neighboring station offered to give us some of their extra bacon we ate through it in a weekend. Our appetite for bacon knows no limit.

Except for when we run out, then it does know a limit. That hollow place in our stomach knows the limit. That ache that grows when you sit down for breakfast knows the limit. This had developed into a real, real crisis. How to last until August, AUGUST, with no bacon?

Ahh but there are tragedies and there are tragedies diverted and this story, dear reader, has a happy ending. A delicious, happy ending. For, as it turned out, there was some bacon remaining on station. An entire wooden crate worth of bacon. The only problem was that it was buried at the back of our food warehouse, behind 125 crates of other food items.

Last week we unloaded all of the crates and liberated the crate of bacon. It probably won't last the whole season but managed carefully it will get us through most of it.

I did some time lapse photography of th event, my first time playing with this medium and ended up taking almost 5000 pictures. It has since been turned into a 5 minute video:

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